Monday, February 21, 2011

Boise Weekend in February..

We spent this long weekend in Boise with Steven and Kayla & Family. We left on Friday when the kids got out of school and made it to Boise around 7pm. We had a very relaxing weekend. We played lots of Kinect and saw Ben and Sarah all dressed up for the Sweetheart Dance. We did a little shopping and watched The Office and a movie. On Saturday we went to Kayla’s classroom to get the kids out of the house for a little while. Katie and Madison left messages on her white boards for her class and we played on the playground equipment in the rain for just a little while. The pirate pictures are from the playground. Katie babysat while us Adults and Bailey went to Tucanos for dinner on Saturday night. We had a wonderful Sunday dinner at the Huffakers and enjoyed a game of Scum with them.

We had a very nice weekend and can’t wait to go again, only in the summer next time so the kids don’t’ complain of boredom. We love spending time with our family, we’re so lucky to have such wonderful family members on both sides. We’ve adopted all or our In laws parents as family as well as our in laws siblings. We spent a lot of time kissing Bailey’s chubby cheeks and coaxing her to walk, what a sweet little girl she is. David and I had a brief sad moment when she pounded on the door to go outside with the big kids. She reminded us of Gabie last time we were in Boise. It was a good sad moment if you can understand that. We cherish those memories. Over all is was a wonderful weekend and we thank Steven and Kayla for their wonderful hospitality.

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