Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday January 24, 2011

So today I’ve had a harder time getting going than most Monday’s. Monday’s are usually difficult anyway after the weekend but today I’ve had even less energy to do anything. I got the kids off to school and then went back to bed and slept while Isaac watched movies in bed with me. I got up around 11:30 when my mom called. We talked for a while about how I was feeling and she gave me permission to be a slacker. Although my house is a disaster and I really hate that. Tomorrow I’ll get it clean I hope. I sat down and counted all the books in each category. We must’ve miss counted along the way sometime because we have less than I thought but not by too many. Here is the run down in categories:

Infant To Toddler – 281
Early Readers – 760
Youth Chapter Books – 203
Young Adult – 65
Educational – 133
Spanish – 29
Misc. (Mostly religious stories & Coloring books) – 37
Holiday – 53
Grand Total – 1561

That is still a lot of books and I have to call Sonic tomorrow to see if they have more and I’m expecting some in the mail from my sister in law in Boise. We’ll probably still break 1600, since we’re only 39 short.

To clarify a question I keep getting.. Everyone wants to know exactly how the books will be used at the Hospitals. I want a book to be given to each child patient. Also I am going to recommend that the book series that I only have one of (i.e. Harry Potter, Twilight & Laura Ingalls) stay in the children's playroom so they can be read over and over by patients. Portneuf Regional Medical Center has approximately 600 child patients admitted yearly so I plan on giving them 800 books. I spoke with Bingham Memorial Hospital today and they are going to get back to me with their average patient admits a year so I know how many books to take to them. Then the remaining books will go to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.  Our plan is to go to PRMC on Wednesday the 26th which is Gabriel’s 2nd Birthday and spend the afternoon there delivery books, talking to the wonderful nurses and hopefully meeting some of the current patients. Then if we have time we’ll go to BMH later in the day and do the same. Then on Thursday we’ll be going to EIRMC to deliver books there and meet their Auxiliary Board. I hope to have plenty of wonderful pictures to share with all of you and I’m also hoping to get a follow up article in the Idaho State Journal.

Another note from today I was sitting in the living room sorting books when my door bell rang and a delivery van brought me these.

Flowers from RaLauna & Marie 002 (Medium)Flowers from RaLauna & Marie 004 (Medium)

RaLauna & Marie were two of my college roommates and I don’t get to see them very often. But they are truly some of my very very best friends. They are always telling me that they are thinking of me and reminding me that they love me. When I saw the card I started to cry of course, and then called David. He thought something bad had happened and was relieved to hear that I was crying over flowers. As I’ve said over and over I am thankful for wonderful friends in my life who listen to the spirit and always lift me up just when I need it. I couldn’t go through this trial without all of you.

I Love you RaLauna & Marie Thank you so much again and again.

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