Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well I’ve been dying to blog since Christmas, but I’ve been working hard on my 2009 Blog Book and I wanted to end it with Christmas 2009. So I didn’t want anymore posts until the New Year. So here we are January, 2nd 2011 and my first post for the year.

David returned to work in Dugway today and the kids are in bed and the house is tidy. So once again I’m blogging into the night in my quiet house with some Dead Can Dance playing in the background.

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We spent time with family playing games eating too much junk food and just enjoying each others company. We were so excited that Steven and Kayla and family made it up for the weekend and the weather was good for them to return to Boise. We spent New Year’s Eve at Richard & Melinda’s. We visited with the Texas family over the Kinect and played Kinect games late into the night. On New Year’s Day we had a house full. Melinda, Sarah, Kayla & I went out for pedicures in the morning then, Steven & Kayla came and played some more Kinect. We also had almost all the Egley family here. Mom and Dad, Jared and Sativa and Ben came to visit. Chet and Stacy are in the market for a new vehicle so came to Pocatello to see what was available and spent some time with us too. At 5PM we went to Gary & Colleen’s for a nice meal with everyone then continued gaming and visiting until late. Really it’s been a great weekend the only down side is that after a week and a half of vacation David had to leave tonight. We all miss him when he’s gone but hopefully this New Year will bring a resolve to our situation.

New Year 2011 001 (Medium)
Josh & Katie playing Minecraft together.
New Year 2011 002 (Medium)
Bailey & Isaac
New Year 2011 003 (Medium)

Sarah & Katie playing piano together & Joe was trying to stay out of the picture.
New Year 2011 004 (Medium)
Katie & David Boxing
New Year 2011 005 (Medium)

My boys..
New Year 2011 008 (Medium)
David & Katie racing..
New Year 2011 009 (Medium)

Alexa and Jenna playing Kinect..
New Year 2011 011 (Medium)

Steven & David played a lot of Table Tennis..
New Year 2011 012 (Medium)

Isaac sleeping in the strangest ways.. He hasn’t cuddled and fell a sleep on me for a long time. Then below we weren’t sure if the room was too loud when he fell asleep or what.
New Year 2011 014 (Medium)
We hope all of you had an awesome New Year celebration and your year is amazing.

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