Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handmade Accessories…

So the other night I was invited to a girls night of making bows and the new braided necklace’s with the attached flowers. I really wanted to get out but didn’t think it would happen. But then I decided to go ahead and try for it. I put the 3 youngest kids to bed and a movie on for Isaac and Katie (because Isaac got up after I put him to bed and apparently had a bad dream before he even fell asleep). Katie watched everyone so I could go. She’s always such a good sport and a huge help to me. I was gone for 2 hours and then came home and put my new skills to work for another 2 hours and then most of the day today. For some reason I really enjoyed making these crafts. I think it's because they’re so simple. Also the hair clips will save me a ton of money. But really, it was so bad tonight when I was trying to finish up that I had the kids eat cold cereal for dinner. I never ever do that so this is something I can enjoy once in a while but not all the time. BTW the kids weren’t at all upset with that dinner, Isaac & Jenna were even excited, and Madison and Katie decided to make their own Chicken Noodle soup. I hate to admit this but I do remember telling my mom when I was little that, “I’ll never do crafts as a mom they take to much time and they’re not fun” I remember having cold cereal for dinner a few times too.

But on to the show and tell..

Homemade Accessories 002 (Medium)
This is my adorable niece Audrina modeling my first hair clip. It’s definitely a beginners first try and not my favorite. And of course Isaac had to get into the picture.
Homemade Accessories 020 (Medium)
These are all the hair clips I made (minus the purple one on the upper left, it was a pattern)
Here’s some individual shots…
Homemade Accessories 012 (Medium)Homemade Accessories 014 (Medium)Homemade Accessories 015 (Medium)Homemade Accessories 017 (Medium)Homemade Accessories 018 (Medium)
Homemade Accessories 013 (Medium)
Katie Made the pink one above.
Homemade Accessories 019 (Medium)
This one is our favorite and it may have to be duplicated since we have plans for it. Katie made the rosette in the middle and I put the rest together.

Ok, next are the Braided Necklace's with the flowers. I used Katie to model all but one of them because the last one just looked to huge on her.
Homemade Accessories 029 (Medium)Homemade Accessories 030 (Medium)
The first one above goes with our favorite hair clip and it is probably my favorite necklace. The second one above I made for Katie to where to school today. The hair clip is similar but not identical.
Homemade Accessories 031 (Medium)Homemade Accessories 032 (Medium)
The third one above is all purples and all my girls say it looks like Aunt Melinda. It also has a matching hair clip ( I did that totally by mistake) The fourth one above (on the much older and not so cute model) is the first one I did and it has little while rosette above the big flower that’s hard to see so I may be moving it.
Homemade Accessories 027 (Medium)
And here is all of it together. If you click on the photos you can see them larger and get a better idea of what they look like.

Anyway I’m sure another day will come when I do more. In fact I’ve been invited to a night of Valentine hair clip making with a new technique and I can’t wait. They were even kind enough to plan around my crazy life, and do it on a night when David is home so Katie won’t have to babysit.


  1. Glad you had fun with the process. I still can't stand scrapbooking, never could get into that. But we have loved making jewelry, origami flowers among other i know what it is like when you've found something you actually enjoy doing!

  2. How cute! What a fun project to do with your girls!

  3. BRAVO !!! The look SO CUTE!! I can't wait to do Valentines Day