Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Books From Gabriel Update…

So today I drove to Blackfoot and met the wonderful ladies who headed up the donations from the Blackfoot Elementary Schools. It was great to meet them and be able to tell them thank you in person. We even took a photo for the records.

Blackfoot Book Ladies 002 (Medium)

Jaimie is on the Left and Annie on the right. Of course that’s me taking up the WHOLE middle. (Sorry not a fan of myself in pictures, especially when I didn’t prepare ahead of time.) Anyway their books filled the whole back of my van with the seats down. My mom and I came back to my house and started counting all the books we had and taking out the really really worn ones. Then at 5pm Frank brought by the books from the big Farm Bureau office. At 7pm Doug brought by the books from his office. Then at 7:30pm I went to Wal-Mart and bought books with the money I had been given. So now we are at 1323 in books donated. We’ve really have had only 50 or so that were not usable. Tomorrow I hope to collect any books that were dropped by Sonic Drive-In. Then  get a few more from friends and family between now and Friday. Really this has turned into a huge success and I’ve had a lot of questions about doing it again next year. I’m hoping to find out how many books Portneuf Medical Center thinks they can use and then share the wealth first with Bingham Memorial and then Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Next year we’ll aim for Primary Childrens, Shriners and other Utah Hospitals.

A Note to those coming on Friday, I could use some donated items to help get the books ready for the hospital: White out and a large Black sharpie to cover up messages written to the previous owners or names in the books, Magic erasers, & Clorox wipes to clean the books that are in good condition but need wiped off.  Then don’t for get your treat to share. Thank you so much I really couldn’t have pulled this off without so much wonderful support.


  1. I'll bring some clorox wipes with me!

  2. I'm so sorry I won't be able to be there in help. Taylor has her cheer camp and performances at the same time. I hope you have lots of help, and if you need more on Saturday- just call me. Good luck! You're wonderful.