Friday, January 7, 2011

Books From Gabriel & Blackfoot Elementary…

Last night I received an email from Melanie Moore of Blackfoot's Morning News.  She was asking permission to do an article on us and mainly how two Blackfoot Elementary Schools  we’re helping with our Book Drive. I also contacted the lady who headed it up and received an email from her today. Annie told me that they had 766 books and would bring them to our home. She also offered to help label them. Then I read the article by Melanie Moore this morning if you want to read the article go here. We are so excited to do this for the hospital and in memory of our Gabie Baby. If your interested in donating we’re still going until the 19th of January. Thanks Everyone..



  1. Amy, You have taken something tragic and turned it into something wonderful!
    You are touching lives. You inspire me. Thank You! This is fantastic!!

  2. So happy that we could help in any way possible! You are amazing and touching so many lives.....and it's so nice to be able to help out! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this!

  3. I've got a few I need to bring over.