Friday, January 21, 2011

Books From Gabe Labeling & Categorizing …

Ok so we had an amazing turn out tonight for our labeling and categorizing party. As of now we have 1631 books that are cleaned and labeled and categorized into several different groups. We were able to get all of them done in about 2 hours and spent plenty of time visiting and hugging and a little bit of crying. It was fabulous how many people have helped pull this book drive together into a huge success. I’ve been asked several times if I plan on doing this next year and I do. It’s turned out so wonderful and there are so many children in hospitals all over the place that I think this is a worth while service to keep going.

I want all of you who came tonight or who donated books to make this happen to know that I am so touched and so thankful to all of you. I’ve discovered I’m not alone in not wanting my child to be forgotten. I believe that if I do this once a year at Gabriel’s birthday then Gabe will live on through all the books that we’re able to give to these children in need.

Thank you again and here are some great pictures from tonight's huge success.


  1. What an awesome night! It was so fun!

  2. Pretty awesome!! Hello to Nancy & Natalie & Melinda....what a great turnout. This week on Gabe's birthday we'll be thinking of you....