Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

Last night when we got home from Rexburg we had our Ward Christmas party and it was great. They served a wonderful meal and had a great program. At the last minute I even got to be a part of the program. Sister Megan Eddie was supposed to sing with Sister Koree Godfrey and Sister Denelle Millward and she got laryngitis and had no voice. She asked me if I could fill in for her. It really wasn’t much but was fun to sing a little bit for the Christmas Program. The kids also sang a few songs for everyone. Then they all got to sit on Santa’s Lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Rexburg & Ward Party 015 (Medium)Rexburg & Ward Party 016 (Medium)Rexburg & Ward Party 018 (Medium)Rexburg & Ward Party 021 (Medium)

Oh and I don’t want to forget that among our Christmas Parties we went to Wilks Funeral Home on Thursday night and listened to a beautiful Memorial Concert that included: Silver Chords, Soundscape Quartet, Cara Reed, Sweet Adelines Quartet, & Dale Belnap. We also received a beautiful Gold ornament that had this engraved on one side.

I Love You All Dearly,
Now Don’t Shed A Tear
Cause I’m Spending My
Christmas With Jesus This Year

And on the other side it said.

Gabriel Grant Saville
1.26.09 – 7.12.10

It was a very nice evening and a very nice thing for the Funeral home to do for those of us who are grieving this time of year.


  1. Sounds like you are all ready for Christmas! Thinking of you....

  2. I'm go glad both parties went well! Hugs!