Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tree Trimmers…

So a wonderful friend of mine started giving these ornaments to us when we first got married, she kept doing it for a few years and then one year she didn’t. I loved them so much that I started ordering them for myself. So every year we get a new one. Except for some reason last year I didn’t order one and didn’t realize it until this year when I had no ornament with Gabriel written on it. So I ordered one for last year and a new one for this year. They came today and I cried and my heart broke again because now Gabriel is on two of our ornaments but he’s missing from our home. He would’ve had so much fun this Christmas, you know the first Christmas when they really love opening their gifts and adore pulling things off of the tree.
Tree Trimmers 002 (Medium)Tree Trimmers 003 (Medium)

I also ordered a new Grandparent Ornament by Colleen’s request that has all 18 of Gary & Colleen’s Grandkids on it.
Tree Trimmers 004 (Medium)

They also had these really cute pins for anyone and I ordered them for my girls teachers.
Tree Trimmers 005 (Medium)


  1. Those are so CUTE.
    Call me on those Gray days. I;m always up for a Jamba run, or cheesecake or just a DR Pepper.
    Love ya

  2. Just wondering - where did you order them from? I love them!!