Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Katie’s D.A.R.E Graduation

We are supper proud of Katie today because she had her D.A.R.E Graduation. Katie completed the 9 weeks of classes given by Officer Nielson and she did a report on D.A.R.E and was awarded with a certificate of completion today. They had a very nice program with video’s of the kids during the course of the class. I was neat to be able to see her be up in front of everyone and be presented with her certificate by her teacher, Mrs. Syverson the D.A.R.E Officer, The Mayor of Pocatello –Mayor Blad, and Principal Alessi and the other 5th Grade teachers. It was also televised by Channel 12.

Katie D.A.R.E

D.A.R.E 003 (Medium)She got a T-Shirt too..

Tomorrow or this weekend be prepared for some silly posts. I downloaded the pictures and video’s from Katie’s camera tonight and found some silliness going on that I just have to share. It may only be funny to a mother but I think it is worthy of a post. I love seeing what they do together when they’re feeling bored and creative.

Stay Tuned…

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  1. Way to go Katie! Do you remember the Dare shirts when we were kids? All black with the words Dare writtin across in big red letters. Very classy!