Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Gray Day!

I found myself trying so hard yesterday and today to have a good day. I constantly search through Facebook and my favorite blogs for something uplifting to read about or some good news from someone. Today the weather has been gray all day long. Raining and blowing and no sunshine. I made myself exercise this morning which was a great thing for me to do. I got a late start on the day but ended up feeling less sad and less depressed then yesterday. As I was just looking out the window watching my Christmas lights blow in the wind I remembered I never updated the blog with a post of the decorations I put up. So here I am trying to cheer myself up by blogging. I really do love to do it whether anyone reads it or not. I have laundry to fold and dinner to get ready and I’m blogging. Isaac and Jenna are playing with a friend and Katie and Madison are at Activity Day's. So I suppose it’s ok to take some time to blog. Anyway here are the pictures I took, I even got a little of the snow in them before it all melted away.

Just to clarify I’m proud to say that I put the lights up with Katie’s help. David was going to do it but when he had time the gutters were frozen over so as soon as things started to melt I got it done.
lights 006 (Medium)
This Picture was of the kids watching David play Minecraft, they love watching him play.
lights 009 (Medium)lights 011 (Medium)
I know this isn’t a great picture because of the flash but I have to include Gabie anywhere I can. I Miss him so very much.
lights 012 (Medium)

Pay It Forward!!!!
I’m going to Rexburg on Friday to deliver all the things donated to Ashley Sullenger, for her baskets that are going to Primary Children’s Medical Center. If you have anything that needs to be delivered please bring it by Wednesday or Thursday during the day, or email me for other arrangements at amy@savillefamily.org


  1. Love you Amy! If you are having a sad day you come over. It's better to be with a friend then be alone. Hugs!!!!! I'm here for you!

  2. Yesterday was a dismal day. At least when it snows it brightens everything up. I think blogging is a great way to concentrate on something/someone else. Your tree is beautiful! When did David put the lights up around the house?! Did you tell me he will or will not be home this next Monday (20th)? Text me and let me know....