Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Days Of Thanks…

November 16th Day 16 & November 17th Day 17: Yesterday I was and still am today extremely thankful for a wonderful mom who when I called at 4:15AM and asked to come in at 7:30AM to get my kids off to school because I had been puking all night long said “No Problem Sis”. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful mother who drops her whole life to take care of me and my kids. When I still felt like crap last night she even spent the night and helped me this morning and ran errands with me that I didn’t feel like running yesterday. She took Madison and I to the doctor and helped clean my kitchen and did my laundry. What wonderful blessing she is to me. I love my mom, she is one of my very best friends..

Tonight I was watching Katie and Madison practice the Piano and the Violin and I was overcome with gratitude that David and I are able to give them the opportunity to have music lessons. They enjoy it so much and are so proud of themselves when they accomplish something new. They are truly loving being able to learn to play and instrument and read music. I was such a proud mom watching them practice tonight. They were both doing something that I have no clue how to do I’m so thankful I’m able to give them that chance.

Then I also bought clothes for the kids today for family pictures this weekend and Isaac actually liked his. I know some mom’s say their boys don’t care what they wear, well Isaac is almost a hard as my girls. In fact I can pick clothes for the girls easier than Isaac. So as silly as it may sound I’m thankful he liked his new clothes and I’m thankful to Melinda for snapping a cute picture of Madison, Me and Isaac together.

And last but not least I’m thankful that I’m feeling 100% better today.

IsaacMadison,Me & Isaac

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