Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day’s Of Thanks…

November 14th Day 14: Today has been a busy, gloomy and good emotional day. We went to church today and learned who our new Bishopric will be and I truly believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were called of God. I shed several tears during the testimonies that were shared from the previous Bishopric and their wives and the new Bishopric. I look to them for guidance when I’m in need of it and know that they will direct me as my Savior would. I am truly thankful to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I can’t imagine how I would even make it through one day without the knowledge I have of the Gospel. Today I am also thankful that David once again made it safely to Dugway even though the roads were not good.

November 13th Day 13: Yesterday I was thankful for a Sister in Law who took me for a drive to cheer me up. I went too many days without my Anti-Depressant and I was feeling it emotionally and a little bit physically. I know now that it is truly doing its job. I’m thankful for something so small to make such a huge difference in me and my families life. I was also thankful for our awesome adopted Malm Family for having us over to join them in a little get together to play games and just enjoy each others company.

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