Monday, November 8, 2010

Day’s Of Thanks..

November 8th Day 8: Today has been a hard day. Not necessarily cry my eyes out hard but depressing hard. I am hating the yucky weather. I always hate the bad weather but this year it’s going to be worse than normal. I’ve been handling my depression really well or should I say my Medication is handling my depression well. The winter is always hard anyway so when the weather was so gloomy this morning I just got back into bed with Isaac and we watched TV until noon. Then I got up with the plan to do the dishes and fold the laundry. I got on Facebook and started chatting with my mom and then called her since it was easier then typing our messages. It was so nice to talk to her for a while to get my mind off the weather and the dirty house waiting for me to clean. Then I called my sister in law Stacy and chatted with her while I did my dishes. Today I’m grateful for wonderful family who will chat with me at anytime and that while I chat I’m able to accomplish things around the house. I still shut myself in the basement most of the evening folding laundry, trying to avoid looking outside. But I’m glad I was able to get something's done today. I hope tomorrow is a better day. But I’m grateful for the help I had today.

November 7th Day 7: This weekend we spent a lot of time playing our new XBOX Kinect. The kids love it, we had Gary & Colleen over and Larry came and danced and Sarah & Joshua. The girls also had friends over to play. I played a game of Beach Volleyball with Sarah on Saturday night. My arms are still sore, David did the Fitness Game and he was exhausted. It was quite a workout. Even Isaac can easily play and have fun. I took a lot of video and tried to combine it into something watchable. I realize it’s long so skip through it if you want. We can’t wait until our friends and family members get one so we can play online with them. I’m thankful for technology bringing my family closer together. For giving us a great activity to do together that also benefits our health.

Our XBOX Kinect First Experiences

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