Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day’s Of Thanks…

November 6th Day 6: Today I’m thankful for the opportunity to take balloons to Gabie’s resting place. We were all very nervous for that. Being the first time we’ve gone back to the cemetery since the funeral. It was sad and we cried but it was also very comforting and good to have some closure. We took Gabe some balloons and wrote notes on them and let them float into the heavens. We also left a Lightening McQueen car and some balloons there for him. The ride home was much better than the ride there.

I’m also very thankful today for my kids and husband helping to get the house cleaned up. Also I want to wish Mom and Dad Saville a very Happy Birthday Week. Today is moms Birthday and Dad’s is on the 14th. We Love You!

Cemetery 003 (Medium)Cemetery 013 (Medium)Cemetery 017 (Medium)Cemetery 022 (Medium)Cemetery 025 (Medium)Cemetery 029 (Medium)

November 5th Day 5: On Friday I was very thankful for my two boys. David, me and Isaac went to the Mall and I walked through the mall holding David and Isaac’s hand. I felt so lucky and loved to have such great hands to hold. I love them so much. I’m also very thankful for David’s Fridays off and our dates.


  1. I'm glad you were able to get some closeur, but it looks like Madison had a realy hard time. she is so tender harted and loved Gabie so much. You are all in my prayers but for a while espesaley Madison. Love Mom.

  2. So glad that you were able to go. Sweet post.

  3. The headstone looks so nice. Give hugs to everyone!