Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day’s of Thanks…

I’m behind getting started but why not share what I’m thankful for everyday this month. We’ll see if I actually get a post done everyday or if I have to combine some days.

November 1st Day 1: Monday I was very thankful for a wonderful father in law who came and painted the eves on the sides of my house and who after doing that all morning came back in the afternoon to fix my flooding problem in the laundry room. Then he thanked me for calling him. What an amazing man, he & Colleen are always there for me 24/7. Whether it be to watch the kids or to fix something I can’t handle on my own. I don’t know how I survived for 18 months while they were gone.

November 2nd Day 2: Tuesday I was thankful that I was able to drive to Weston, ID to help take care of my nephews and my sister in law who just lost her baby at 12 weeks along. She had to have a D&C on Monday and was feeling like crap. I’m so glad I was able to leave Pocatello with no worries and go help pick up her house and make some goodies. Oh and cuddle little Clayton. Yesterday I was also very thankful for a husband who I love and adore. A husband who works away from home to support his family even when it get’s hard. I know people worry about me being here with the kids and no husband all week long but to tell you the truth it is much harder on David than it is on me. I love him so much for his sacrifice to do whatever it takes to take care of his family. He is an amazing man and I’m beyond grateful that he chose me to be his eternal companion. Yesterday I also noticed I didn’t have to break up any fights or love someone who got hurt by his or her sibling. It’s so wonderful when the kids do not fight and very rare. I’m always thankful for those days.

November 3rd Day 3: Today I’m thankful first and foremost that Isaac turned on my light this morning when we all slept in. He slept with me last night and when he go up at 7:40 he flipped the light on which woke me up and then I jumped up realizing I’d slept way in and had to get the girls up and going and lunches made. Thank You Isaac. Today I’m also thankful for the opportunity I have to go into Madison’s class and read with the students who need that little extra push in the reading department. I’m thankful for a wonderful friend who wants to have lunch with me today because since I quit Sweet Adelines we haven’t seen each other much. I’m also thankful most of my laundry is done because the kitchen needs some attention today.

I Am Very Blessed!

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