Friday, November 12, 2010

Books From Gabriel..

I was so impressed today when I received an email from our insurance agent at Farm Bureau. He had told us that he’d like to participate in collecting Books for the Pediatric Floor at Portneuf Medical Center in Gabe’s Memory. He sent the information out to his fellow co-workers and today I received an email from him with this information. I cried of course, when I read the email, I feel so grateful for they’re participation in this wonderful service. 

Farm Bureau Insurance will hold a book drive November 18 through January 18 to benefit the Portneuf Medical Center’s Pediatric Floor. Please drop your books off at the Home Office break room collection area or the Pocatello Farm Bureau South Fourth Avenue offices.

All books will be donated in memory of Gabriel Grant Saville. Please see the article below for information about Gabriel.

Thank you,
The Charitable Contributions Committee
David Acevedo
Denise Baune
Danielle Belcher
Angie Kelley
Mike Myers
Sandy Richardson


Gabriel Grant Saville was born into our family on January 26, 2009. Gabe was our fifth child, second son. Gabe was a healthy 8lbs 2oz. and was in perfect health. Gabe was just like any other child his age hitting all the normal milestones and always passing his well-baby checks with flying colors. Gabe was a very happy boy, we loved having him in our family and enjoyed every minute we were able to spend with him.

On Saturday July 10th we planned on spending  the day like any other regular Saturday, we ran a few errands, played outside in the water and just spent time together. Saturday evening David and I were downstairs with the 3 oldest playing some Lego Harry Potter on the XBOX  and Gabe and Isaac were watching a movie upstairs like they did all the time. Isaac came downstairs and said “Mom, Gabie is dead”. I of course first thought, him being a 4 year old was just being silly but decided to go check on Gabie anyway, and our nightmare began. 

I found Gabe in the bedroom with blue lips. I immediately called for David who knew something was wrong and called 911. We started CPR and the ambulance got there very fast. We had a 3 minute ride to the ER and then 45 minutes of the most scariest waiting of my life. After 45 minutes of CPR and adrenaline shots, the doctors and nurses of the ER got his heartbeat back.  He was then taken to have a CT Scan done and moved into the PICU. The doctor on call then informed us that Gabe had massive swelling of the brain from lack of oxygen and blood flow for so long. The next 48 to 72 hours were critical.

On Monday July 12, 2010 after many tests and waiting for some sign of brain activity they declared Gabriel brain dead. This has truly been the hardest thing our family has ever had to handle.

As we get closer to the holidays and Gabriel’s 2nd Birthday we are saddend to not have him here with us. We were unsure how we were going to handle that day. We decided to start a tradition in his memory to be done on his birthday.  Gabriel loved looking at books, sometimes I’d find him sitting quietly in the front room just looking through his many board books. He especially loved the board books with the textured surfaces on each page.

We would like to ask for help in collecting books for all ages of children, to be donated to Portneuf Medical Center’s Pediatric Floor on January 26th, 2011 in memory of Gabriel. I’d love to have them all at my house by January 19th so I may write a little note on the inside of the books.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Doug Guthrie of Farm Bureau has be so kind as to offer his office at 301 S. 4th Ave. Pocatello Idaho as a donation drop off place.

The children who are at Portneuf Medical  will love to have these books as they spend time there getting well. We are so grateful to all of you who are able to help with our Birthday Gift to Gabe by giving books to those children out there who are struggling with their own battles.

If you’d like more information about our family and about Gabriel you may visit our blog at


  1. Count us in. I read Pres so many books in the hospital, it was something that seemed a little normal during such a hard experience. I have a great book in mind that was given to us at PCMC. I've been thinking about your family!

  2. How big is Porteuf? Would you like different books or some of the same?