Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday & Egley Thanksgiving…

Day’s Of Thanks November 26th Day 26: Today I was super thankful for Melinda and Sarah for going shopping with me from 4AM to 8AM. They are always so much fun and I adore being able to spend time with them. I cherish our great family & friend relationships.They are a very awesome lady & young lady.

After my shopping excursion I and my family went to Lava to have an Egley Thanksgiving. Everyone was there and we had a very nice dinner all together. We all said things we were thankful for the most popular answer was family. The next most popular was food, of course because they were all starving, and Jenna said blessings. Isaac really thought about it and then said Gabie, he’s such a sweet big brother. Mom said our ancestors who came across the ocean on the Mayflower. The only really odd thing was Crankshafts which came from Mathew and if you knew Mathew you wouldn’t be surprised. Although he did make a good point, none of us have to walk because of crankshafts. I also put together a Christmas floral arrangement with my mom’s help and took it up to Gabe’s Grave, thanks to Ben for taking us in his truck since the snow wasn’t plowed in the Cemetery. All in all is was a busy fun filled day and now I’m exhausted again. Enjoy the few snapshots I got.

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