Monday, October 18, 2010

We’ve Been Boo’ed

I have a more uplifting post like I said I would.. Our house is ready for Halloween.. We spent way to much on costumes this weekend and got the house all decorated. Then on Saturday night someone Boo’ed us. They delivered some yummy brownie cookies that the kids inhaled. The kids all picked out their costumes, Katie is going to be a Gangster in a pink and black pinstriped suit, Madison is going to be Astrid from How to train your dragon, Jenna is going to be Super girl and Isaac is Captain America. The original plan was for them all to be superheroes but Katie didn’t want to do that so David let the plan go. David has been growing his mustache and go-tee out to be Tony Stark so he thought it’d be cool if the kids were all superheroes. But he gave in and they are all excited about their costumes. Isaac has changed his mind from Wolverine to Superman to Batman and now Captain America. We bought the Captain America costume so no more changing his mind. We also bought the shield which is for an Adult but he loves it and has carried it everywhere. He is so excited!


halloween 002 (Medium)halloween 003 (Medium)halloween 004 (Medium)halloween 004 (Medium)
I’ll get pictures of the girls up after Halloween..


  1. Corinne is going to be a rodeo queen, Colin is a skeleton and Camron is a golf player. I'll post pics, soon!
    Hugs to all....

  2. So cute! I love your ghosties in the front yard. I might have to steal them ;)