Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Up The Stairs (To Heaven)

I was watching video’s of Gabriel yesterday and as I watched this one something hit me. I’d like to share what I felt I then understood.

We are all constantly coaxing our children to do better and to learn new things and accomplish bigger and better tasks.The things that we know they need to learn before our role as parents is complete. As I watch David video Gabe at one of his first attempts to climb the stairs I realized, that is what we’re all trying to do. Our Heavenly Father is continually at the top of the stairs coaxing us to come to him. You’ll see at Gabe’s first attempt he fell  and I caught him because that is my role as a parent to always catch my children when they fall until they are able to proceed on their own. I kind of think of that as the same as The Atonement, that is Heavenly Father’s way of catching us until we can proceed on our own. Then you’ll see in the second video that Gabe had mastered climbing the stairs. I was a very proud mother that he was doing so well, to never stop trying even though he fell once before, he continued to climb until he made it into my loving arms. If you’ll notice I then immediately started on a new task of teaching him to clap. He did eventually learn to do that as well. Isn’t that what we are here for to climb and feel like we’ve done so well and accomplished so much just to start climbing again until we hit another milestone and every time get closer and closer to our Heavenly Father’s loving arms. I hate to admit it but losing Gabe has been such an eye opener for me and I feel like I’m at the bottom of the almost never ending staircase. I’m just starting to climb and learning everyday what tasks I need to master to make it back to my loving Heavenly Father and also my my baby Gabe. If we all keep climbing I know we’ll make it.

One of Gabe’s first attempts..

Gabe Has Mastered It…


  1. Very well put and inspirational! Love you, honey!

  2. That's a beautiful analogy. Sometimes those stairs seem way too long to even try climbing don't they? Luckily there's so many people cheering us on at the top! Love you!

  3. What a beautiful message. Thank you. Love ya!

  4. Great analogy. and yes I made me misty eyed. you are awsome. sometimes as a mother in many aspects I feel like I have failed miserabley and am always at the bottom of the stairs. and sometimes I feel I am not so bad even if I have tumbled to the bottom again. I think the important thing is, like Gabe. we continue to get back up and keep climbing. for there are leassons in every step.