Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Ribbon Week…

So Monday was Red shirt day, Tuesday was Boot & Jersey Day, Today is Crazy Hair Day, Tomorrow is Pajama Day and Friday is 60’s Day. I took pictures today and will again on Friday. Yesterday they just wore regular boots with T-shirts that Katie and Madison used tape to make numbers with. Really Today is the best day.

Madison Loves to pose…Katie told her that her hair looked like a Birds nest.
Crazy Hair Day 007 (Medium)Crazy Hair Day 008 (Medium)

They told Jenna her hair looked like an old lady…
Crazy Hair Day 009 (Medium)Crazy Hair Day 012 (Medium)

Glitter Pumpkins Katie and Madison made at Activity Days..

Crazy Hair Day 017 (Medium)
Katie really wanted hers to go straight out but I didn’t have the right stuff so we just ratted it. She still loved it..

Crazy Hair Day 018 (Medium)Crazy Hair Day 022 (Medium)
Then right before they left they decided they wanted Poka-dots.
Crazy Hair Day 023 (Medium)Crazy Hair Day 025 (Medium)Crazy Hair Day 026 (Medium)
And Tayler Eborn Joined them to walk to school..
Crazy Hair Day 027 (Medium)Crazy Hair Day 028 (Medium)