Friday, October 29, 2010

Caramel Apples & Hippies..

So on Wednesday and Thursday of this week I made Caramel Apples for Katie’s Class Halloween Party today. David came home last night and looked in the fridge for something to eat and all he saw were Caramel Apples we got Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

Hippie day 001 (Medium)Hippie day 019 (Medium)
Here’s the Recipe I used, it is from Cooking Light Magazine…

16 Wooden sticks (I used plastic spoons)
16 small apples, chilled
2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup light-colored corn syrup
1/2 cup water
2 cups half-and-half
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt

Step 1: Push wooden sticks into the top of the chilled apples. Return apples to the refrigerator until caramel is ready for dipping.

Step 2: Place sugar, corn syrup, and water in a large saucepan; boil, stirring until dissolved. Boil, without stirring, 9 minutes or until light golden.

Step 3: Combine half-and-half, vanilla, and salt; slowly stir into pan. Boil until candy thermometer reaches 235F (45 minutes),stirring frequently.

Step 4: Pour caramel into a bowl sitting in a hot water bath. Swirl apples in caramel, and place on baking sheet lined with wax paper.

My Tips to you: I doubled the recipe and the first time only got 20 apples the second I got 22. So I don’t know if you’d get the full 16 out of a regular batch. The caramel cools really fast to you have to swirl your apples quickly. Also spray your wax paper with Pam or the wax paper will stick to your apples. Then after they cool refrigerate them until your ready to serve them. It’s pretty simple just takes a lot of patience while stirring the caramel.

And here are my “Hippies” for the day. Isaac isn’t a hippie but wanted to pose for a picture.

Hippie day 002 (Medium)Hippie day 004 (Medium)Hippie day 006 (Medium)Hippie day 007 (Medium)Hippie day 008 (Medium)Hippie day 009 (Medium)Hippie day 010 (Medium)Hippie day 014 (Medium)


  1. Super cute hippies! Those carmel apples look awesome! I wouldn't mind having some of those for dinner!

  2. Fun, fun. I made that same recipe...although I'm going to try one more since they all vary and I haven't found one (out of the two recipes I've already tried) that they rave and ask for more.
    Just watched Alton Brown do some and he used chop sticks and stuck them in the bottom end of the apple instead of the top, so when you invert it you're eating the best part of the apple (the top). Just something to keep in mind the next time you try caramel apples!