Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So yesterday started out really slow. I had zero energy and was feeling a little sad. I read some posts from 2008 on Stephanie Nielson’s blog. I kind of got caught up in reading about her families tragedy and how they coped with not having her and her husband home to take care of the kids. I haven’t gotten very far in their story I’ve been reading all of CJanes posts while they were still in the hospital. What an amazing family.
Isaac wanted some attention so we snuggled up to watch some Batman and since it is not the most interesting show to me I fell asleep on him. He watched it until it was over then went to play in his room. I got up when the girls came home and we did homework and piano and violin practice and then I called the carpet place. I knew that they were thinking of coming to do the two upstairs bedrooms today but I hadn’t had a definite yes so I didn’t get the rooms ready yet. Shane told me that yes the installer is coming today so then at 3pm I started tearing the rooms apart. My two awesome Brother in Laws came down and helped me get the rooms ready. At around 7pm I was done and then remembered I had to get Jenna some snacks to take to school today. So we went to Freddy’s and then Artic Circle for dinner. Came home and got Madison and Jenna set up on the Air Mattress down stairs. They were so excited to sleep on the air mattress it was like being company.
So really I feel like I did nothing yesterday so hopefully today is different. I want to get the laundry done and get the floors cleaned when the carpet guy is done. I’m glad I didn’t do the floors yesterday cause when we took the carpet out it was such a mess I would’ve been angry if I was dragging it across my clean floors. Anyway enough of my babbling here are some pictures of the rooms with no carpet and I’ll get some more pictures of them with carpet tonight. There are also some shots of what my living room looks like and how filthy my floors are, I can’t even walk bare foot gross!


  1. Good grief you've been busy and a go getter this last couple of weeks. I love yellowstone!!it's just fun to be together. And I too love the smell of NEW CARPET! AHHHHH

  2. Jealous. We NEED new carpet really bad!! That's so exciting! I think everyone deserves a lazy day! I'm so glad you love NieNie. She's so inspirational. You need to watch the little clip from oprah.com when she was on that show. It's INCREDIBLE!! Love you girl!