Monday, September 27, 2010

Yellowstone National Park Day!

Last Saturday we got up bright and early (well it’s not really bright at 5am and we weren’t to bright either but we were up).
We headed out to Jackson Hole Wyoming where we met my mom and dad and brother Chet and family and brother Jared and family. We ate breakfast at The Teton Steak House. Then we topped of our fuel and headed on to Yellowstone through the Teton National Forest. It is so beautiful up there.
It was such a nice day to spend with family and the beauty that Heavenly Father created for us. We saw buffalo of course or Tonka’s as Audrina says. We went to an old Hotel up by the Yellowstone Lake and saw a big old bus that they used to use to bring in visitors. In the winter it was equipped with ski’s and tracks so it could travel on the snow. The kids were allowed to have their picture taken in it as long as they didn’t touch the windows.
Then we went to the Mud Volcano’s and Stacy being a month pregnant almost lost her breakfast. Poor girl had to hold her breath on most of the walk. Last time we went there she was pregnant with her first and did the same thing. After that we had lunch next to Otter Creek where they kids tried to skip rocks and we had some very hungry and curious Ravens join us.  We saw the falls and an old man followed Justin and Isaac all over the viewing area he told my mom that those little boys make him nervous when they’re up so high above the falls. You know little boys absolutely fearless.
Then Old Faithful was next, we got there 10 minutes before it erupted so we watched that and bought some souvenirs and all headed out.
When we left we went out the west entrance and mom and dad and the boys went out the south entrance. The west entrance is closer for us to drive home. We hadn’t seen any Elk all day except one David and Chet saw in a gorge but we were driving so the rest of us missed it. So on our way our the Elk we just coming down to feed. We saw a Bull and a Cow in a meadow and stopped to take some pictures just incase they were the only two we saw. Then about 100 feet after turning to go towards the exit we almost ran into another cow elk crossing the road. Then up ahead a bit further we saw a herd of elk. David went to get pictures and Me and the girls stayed back to watch (Isaac wouldn’t get out of the car). While we were watching a nice lady asked me if it would be ok for my girls to look at the Elk through her binoculars. They loved it! We got back into the car and headed towards home to once again be stopped by traffic. We were so curious what was holding up the line and I was really hoping for a bear to be up ahead but when we got to the place where people were slowing we saw a cow Elk and her calf eating not 5 feet from the passenger side of the car. We tried to get some pictures but not wanting to scare them we didn’t use the flash and only got a nice butt shot. The rest of the way home was uneventful we got home around 11pm and went straight to bed. Here are a few pictures and videos from our day.

Raven’s at Otter Creek
Old Faithful

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  1. How fun! We love to go to yellowstone too. We didnt make it this year. Glad you had a fun time/