Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today’s Highlight.. Steam Engine

Today Isaac’s friend Jaymen Bates’ Grandma took Isaac and Jaymen down to the railroad tracks to see a Steam Engine that was coming through town. After David got done with his class for the day we went and met them because the train hadn’t come yet. We were able to video it going by. The kids thought it was awesome. Then we chased it down to where it stopped behind the businesses near FedEx and we were able to see them filling it up with water with a big water truck. We took a picture with my phone, but it isn’t a great photo the video is much better. The second video is when we were waiting for it to move again and it just went backwards so we had to move down behind the businesses to see it. Isaac and Jaymen kept yelling “Go Thomas Go” but when I told them to yell of course they didn’t they just did it while I was on the phone. No surprises there.

This is down by the dead end road past the Ross Park Drive In. We could see the tracks great here.
This is taken while we were parked behind The Meat Shop just off of Garrett Way.



  1. Awe man I wish I would have known. Ryan loves,loves,loves trains!

  2. What's up with the jackets? Is it cold already up there? Somedays it feels like perpetual summer here...we seem to skip fall, go full force into cold winter and then magically it's spring. It's the summer heat that's almost unbearable.
    Hugs to all!