Friday, September 17, 2010

Salt Lake City Yesterday…


On Tuesday I received an email from Molly Jackson the founder of A Good Grief. She told us about a Mini – Documentary that BYUTv is doing on her family about Lucy and about the website they started a year ago to help families receive donations to help pay for their children's headstones.  A Month ago their foundation told us that they would like to pay for Gabe’s headstone after I emailed Molly asking how we could apply for assistance. I expected a big production type thing and within a 1/2 hour I received an email from Molly saying they’d love to send our Monument Company a check to help. This month is the year anniversary of their families website and so they’ve been hosting an online auction all month to receive donations for the cause and to help get their name more well known. Anyway I’m babbling, Molly told us that BYUTv wanted to interview a recipient family for the Documentary. She asked if we would be able and willing to come to Salt Lake City on Thursday of this week and be interviewed. We said of course and arranged to my mom to be here when the girls got home from school.

Yesterday me, Isaac and my sil Melinda left at 8am for Salt Lake. We met David at Luna Webs (the web design company who designed A Good downtown SLC. We were met my the film crew and they set up to film the meeting of us and the Jackson’s (Vic, Molly & Peter). I really didn’t think I would cry I wasn’t feeling like I do on emotional days. Well I was wrong, when I saw Molly coming down the hallway I felt the tears welling up inside me I felt all the gratitude I felt for this family coming to the surface. I gave her a big hug and cried. Then I hugged Vic too and we sat down and told our story of losing Gabe and our overwhelming thankfulness to them for their help. It was an awesome inspiring experience, I have been so touched by their willingness to keep their website up and running to help families like us. Molly said she’s struggled to keep it going at times when there we no donations and she wasn’t sure she could keep it going but then when she has a really good experience with it she has the strength to keep going with it. They handed us the check that had been donated, I didn’t expect the entire headstone to be paid for because Gabes headstone was so much. But they did cover the entire cost of it, I cried again. They said ours is the largest donation they’ve made. Because of The Good Grief Website that Molly and Vic run and because of all those generous people out there our Gabe will have the headstone he deserves and the headstone that we wanted to represent his resting place on this earth. We feel so blessed by this and really don’t have words to thank Molly and Vic that express our sincere gratitude to them.

For those of you who are curious, the Documentary will not be aired until after January 1st of 2011. When I know for sure I will be sure to let you know to watch it so you may be touched by this amazing family. We will also be able to post the Documentary on our Blog after it has aired so if you miss it then no worries. I have a link to A Good Grief website on my sidebar of the blog and at the top of this post so please visit it and tell all you know about it so they can become more known and be able to get the donations they need to help more families like us.

Molly took some pictures yesterday that she’ll be sending us so I’ll post those when I get a copy.

After the interview David and I went to find the Intermountain Donor Service’s Monument Wall that Gabe's name will be added to in August 2011. We took some pictures of it.

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  1. Awesome. Inspiring. Amy, I'm so happy this organization was able to help your family and others like this. What a worthy cause for sure, to help people in their time of greatest need. Thank you for posting touched me deeply

  2. So cool! I wondered if it went well and if you cried when you met her! What a neat way to bless others in a hard time.

  3. Isn't it amazing the doors that have opened up and the people out there who are trying to make a difference in this world?! Please send us pictures of the headstone, we would love to see it.