Monday, September 13, 2010

One More Post Tonight…

I’ve been keeping up on The Sullenger family blog and today her post was an answer to my prayers from last night. I know I already posted twice today but I just have to share her post so if your interested please go here. This family lost their 18 Month old daughter the same week we lost Gabe and she has such inspirational posts that always touch my heart profoundly. I hate that they are suffering this pain of loss but I’m extremely grateful to not be in this alone and have someone that understands me daily. This is the comment I left on her Post..

You are truly an inspiration to me and this post is exactly what I needed to here. Last night I had one of those nights where I really fell apart. I clutched my heart feeling it break again and I sobbed to my Heavenly Father for answers and help to comfort me while I was struggling so much with the loss of Gabe and how much I miss that little boy everyday. Yesterday was 2 months from the day Gabe passed away and I knew it'd be hard for me but surprisingly I did very well at church I was even able to share a tender experience from the hospital. I thought the day would go by without any major pain but then when I went to bed it hit out of no where. I prayed for answers and I asked why Gabe? Why Me? Don't feel alone in that. David is my rock as well and seems to not ask those questions as much as I do. Your post I believe is the answer to my prayers that I begged for last night. Thank You so much for sharing this wonderful insightful experience with all of us.
Love Amy Saville


  1. Surprisingly I fell apart last night too. I never realized the physical pain death causes. It's been life changing for me to see who answers my prayers. I'm glad I could help in a small way. Hang in there, we'll get through this.

  2. Amy I heard about the Sullenger family when you lost Gabe. My friend told me about them. I kept thinking I wish they could Amy could talk to her. I'm glad to see that you have. I'm greatful you found someone who knows how you feel. If you need anything I'm here for you!