Monday, September 13, 2010

I’m A Slacker Sorry!!

So I know some of you are dying to see photos of the new carpet and really I’ve just been enjoying it and totally forgot to give you a post so here are the pictures of the downstairs. The upstairs will be getting done as soon as the carpet that had to be ordered comes in probably end of this week sometime. Then it’ll be installed when the installer can fit me in. I’m excited.

Here are the Pictures… Katie’s room is not as clean as I was hoping for but decided you could overlook it since you can still see the carpet.

Carpet and Gift 010 (Small)Carpet and Gift 011 (Small)Carpet and Gift 012 (Small)Carpet and Gift 013 (Small)Carpet and Gift 014 (Small)Carpet and Gift 016 (Small)Carpet and Gift 017 (Small)Carpet and Gift 018 (Small)Carpet and Gift 019 (Small)


  1. Wow...that made such a difference! Looks great.

  2. Looks great! I love the smell of new carpet for a while. Then I turn on my Scentsy and get it to smelling sweet...good luck with it all. When will you put your house up again?

  3. Love it! THere's nothing like the fresh new smell of carpet- to make a house feel brand new. Looks so great.

  4. Your whole house looks amazing! At least you get to enjoy it for awhile since the darn house isn't selling right?!