Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenna Boo!

So Seven years ago today we welcomed our 3rd beautiful daughter into the world.

Jenna Reid Saville she weighed 6lbs and 11oz and was my smallest baby ever, she seemed like a preemie to me after Madison’s 8lbs 6oz. We didn’t have a name picked out for her we had tried to find one but nothing fit. So we looked through the name book over and over again. The nurses told us we couldn’t take her home until we had the Birth Certificate form filled out with a name on it. Finally we decided on Jenna Reid.. Reid after her Grandpa Saville Gary Reed and her after my Great Grandmother Violet Reed Bair.

Jenna has such a great fun personality, she’s always laughing and making others laugh. She has a few mischievous bones in her body too. Jenna loves to play with her sisters and her friends. She makes friends everywhere she goes and is very light hearted and easy going. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said “I don’t know mom, just surprise me.” I hope I did ok. Today she opened a jacket and earrings and a birthday outfit before school. Tonight we’ll take her to dinner at the restaurant of her choice. Then on Saturday we’re going to Yellowstone to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa Egley with cupcakes and a picnic lunch. Then on October 1st she’ll be having a friend party. Nothing like making a birthday last a whole week right. So I’ll update pictures as we go. Here a a few pictures from Jenna’s first day until now.

'03 newborn jenna (17) (Medium)Jenna Blessing 5 (Medium)
When she was born, her blessing, 3 weeks old and Winter of 03.
Jenna Winter 2003 (Medium)JENNA3WK (Medium)

'04 Jennas 1st b-day (2) (Medium)'05 Jenna's 2nd Birthday (21) (Medium)
Her First Birthday. & Her Second Birthday..
Jenna's 3rd Birthday (15) (Medium)Her 3rd Birthday..

Jenna when she was 3 almost 4..

Jenna's 5th  birthday (20) (Medium)Jenna 2009 A (Medium)
Jenna when she turned 5 and when she was 6..
Jenna's 7th Birthday 002 (Medium)Jenna's 7th Birthday 003 (Medium)
And Jenna Today… I Love this little sweetie!


  1. She is such a cute girl!! She was always beautiful wasn't she? I loved the juggling eyeballs! So funny!

  2. Happy birthday! Time goes all too fast, doesn't it?