Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Good Grief Auction Item #3

What Molly Posted.. “I have an old roommate. She's actually young. I was the old one. But we're not roommates anymore (which is sad, because we would share clothes), which makes her an old roommate. You get the picture. Speaking of pictures, she was just voted Number One Family Photographer for Utah County. Boy Howdy! Do you know how many family photographers there are in Utah County? Just think about that for a second and you'll realize how great she must be. And, well, she is. Little Maria Wood is a little spit fire and I wish I could have her take our family photos. Instead, I am giving her to you. You have until Tuesday at midnight to bid on a family photo session with her! You get a disc with the entire session on it and rights to all the photos. Easy as pie. And there is no limit on how much time you get to spend with her. (You'll want to spend a lot. She's super easy to talk to. Ok, so maybe she likes to talk a lot too). Maria has struggled with infertility for years, and is just gearing up for round three of invitro. Wish her luck, check out her site, and bid on her fall photo package. You won't regret making these memories in print before time gets away from you. “

I looked over Maria’s website.. She is amazing, she has some amazing photo’s. I really think if your in Utah County you should take advantage of this auction item if your in Bannock County you should still take advantage and have a nice day in Utah County.

A Good Greif Auction Item #3 Link

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