Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yesterday and Today!!!

Stacy (my sister in law) got here yesterday to start helping me scrapbook Gabe’s 18 Months of miracles in our home. We didn’t really get started until about 7 or 8pm. Melinda (my other sister in law) came over and helped until about midnight then Stacy and I kept going until 2am. Today we got up around 9 or 10ish and took the morning slowly before getting started again. Then we started really going around noon and finished all but some finishing touches at about 8pm. Woo what a huge job and he only had 18 months to scrapbook. I’m am so glad it is done though. The Books are beautiful and will always be wonderful to look through. A great big thank you to my two S.I.L’s who came and helped me or I wouldn’t have been able to do such a great job or even get it done for that matter.

Scrapbooking 004 (Medium)

On another note I talked to Karen at Intermountain Donor Services today and got some information you may or may not be interested in. I emailed her to get information on the Donor Memorial in Salt Lake City and how to get Gabe’s name on it. She emailed me back within 30 minutes then called me too. I was amazed at her promptness, that never happens. She told me what to do for the Memorial way and we missed the deadline for this year so next year on August 27 there will be a ceremony at the Salt Lake City Library and Gabe will be added to their wall of Heroes.

Then Karen of IDS also gave me an update on Gabe’s organ donations. It turned out that once they got in to see his organs his kidney’s had and abnormal anatomy. They weren’t shaped quit normal so they couldn’t be transplanted to many risks would be involved. Apparently that is seen somewhat frequently, some kidney’s are just very unique to the person they belong to. Now his heart did get transplanted in a baby boy in California. For now we have no more information than that. When we have more you’ll have more we’re so excited to hear if he is doing well. Please remember our recipient family in your prayers right now because I’m sure this is a very trying time for them.

Well I’m going to go for now but I’ll post some scrapbook pictures tomorrow or Friday to share with all of you.

Love Amy & Family


  1. Amy im so glad that you were able to get your scrapbooking done. I cant wait to see it!

  2. Holy cow! That is one huge job! I hope it was a good experience seeing all his sweet pictures and the fun things he was able to do in his short little life! I am very interested to hear if the baby boy who got his heart is doing well. Reminds me of Return to Me - have you seen it? We have an edited version so if you haven't you should see ours without the swearing!!

  3. What a job! I can't wait to see them one day. Inspires me to get my Camron's baby book all caught up (remember we lost tons of pictures when a hard drive died). Thinking of you...stay well and hugs to all.

  4. i'm glad you got it done! You will treasure the memories forever! Gabe continues to be a blessing and your family is simply amazing to me! You are still in my thoughts and prayers!