Friday, August 20, 2010

This Week…

Katie and her friends had an orange juice stand at the beginning of this week. They had fun and made $12 whole dollars.

Misc 004 (Medium)Misc 005 (Medium)

Goliath joined the kids in the Sandbox…

Misc 001 (Medium)

And we all got to ride in some awesome cars at the Gate City Real Estate Car Show… (I got to drive the red vet)

Isaac got a ride on the Go Cart and he is the only one who rode in the yellow vet it is a 1997.

Madison and Jenna rode with Roger in his 2010 Grand Sport Corvette and he let me drive it to Melinda’s. I was a chicken to really drive it I was too nervous in such a beautiful expensive machine. I didn’t go over 40MPH.



  1. cool car!!! that orange juice stand was brilliant and Adri had a blast right up until she puked all over your bathroom-- so sorry about that and I hope none of you got sick!!