Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday I was stressing out about the cost of Gabe’s headstone, they’re quit a bit more than we had planned on. Mainly because we wanted the picture of Christ with the little boy holding his finger on it in color. The picture will be an 8X10 and in porcelain. The picture is almost as much as the headstone with engraving and placement put together.

A few weeks ago Gary and Colleen felt inspired to give me an article in the Mormon Times called “Finding A Good Grief in Loss” It is the story of a family who lost their little girl Lucy at age 2. This wonderful family has set up a foundation called A Good Grief. (I’ve added a link on the side bar of my blog) They help families with the cost of headstones so the family can have what they want to remember their loved one. I emailed Molly (the mother & founder) yesterday and within 30 minutes she had responded to me. She said to send her a copy of Gabe’s Obituary and the monument companies information and she’d send them a check. I was overcome with joy and gratitude for her and her family and the great work they are doing. The cost of our headstone was more than her foundation could provide at the time so she told me the portion they could pay. Then an hour or so later I got a second email from her saying they had just received another donation so it was meant to be that they help us with our headstone. She also said next month she’s holding and online auction in celebration of their website’s 1 year anniversary. So if we could wait 3 weeks they may be able to cover the entire cost. Once again I had to thank my Heavenly Father for the great multitude of blessings he’s sent to us in the past month and a half.  Please visit the site and read the families story and see the wonderful things they are doing to help those of us struggling with grief of losing a loved one.

Then today I got the mail and received a letter from the Intermountain Donor Services. They thanked us for our generosity in letting Gabe be a donor then continued to tell us that, Gabe’s heart has been given to a 6 Month old Baby boy in California, who is already home and doing great. This brought so much joy to our family. David and I shed tears of joy and gratitude that our son could be so special in his Heavenly Fathers eyes that he not only was called home early but was able to give the gift of life to a child in need. We couldn’t be happier to be able to have part in this great miracle for this family who desperately needed Gabe’s help, in a way no one else could help.


  1. Gave me shivers! That is so great! Will you ever get to see the little boy?

  2. Oh my! Thank you for leaving your comment. I'll be dropping by your blog quite often I think. I have to say that is so wonderful your little guy was able to be a donor. We tried, but Pres didn't pass before 90 minutes... That has to be amazing knowing you helped another family out. I'm so happy about the headstone! That site is wonderful. My friend gave me that book you are reading, "Joy cometh in the morning" Isn't it wonderful? It brought me a lot of comfort. I hope you and your family the best in the upcoming months! I really wish others didn't have to experience this, but it is comforting to know I'm not alone. If you need anything at all let me know.

  3. Wow-Miracles never cease!
    How are your children doing? Has Isaac adjusted to having his own room?
    Anything we can help you with?

  4. I have goosebumps. Heavenly Father is really looking out for you. What a blessing! P.s. It was so good to see you today. I love ya;D I'm still here for you. I pray for you daily.