Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gabe and Grandma Egley

My mom’s cousin Carla brought this by. She took it when mom was watching the kids for me one day. I’m so glad for all the people who have called me and dropped by pictures they snapped of Gabe at one time or another. It’s just another testament to me that we were being prepared for our future without him. We have so many memories and most of them are in the form of pictures as well as in our hearts. How lucky are we?

This is my happy boy.. He always had a big smile for Grandma Egley…

Gabe and Grandma

I went to the Logan Temple today with my Mom and Stacy. What a wonderful day. It really was a pleasant trip to the temple where I could really focus on the woman I was doing work for. I’m grateful for that. If every time I went to the temple I fell apart missing Gabe I really wouldn’t be able to focus on the person I was there to help. We did a endowment session and some sealing's. I love doing sealing’s too. Then we had lunch in the Temple and visited about a lot of things. It’s so nice to have family there when you need them most even when your not sure you need anyone.

Thanks Mom and Stacy for the very uplifting day. Love you both dearly…

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  1. I love the peace the temple brings. The pic of Gabe is so adorable. He is such an Angel.