Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday David!!!

Today is my sweethearts Birthday and I wanted to wish him a Happy one. I can’t see him today because he’s at work but we’ll celebrate this weekend when he comes home. I hope he has a good day. I love him dearly and miss him during the week so much, especially on special days like today. I usually send him something at work and then we go to lunch on his past birthdays. This year we have to settle for the weekend. Hopefully our house will sell soon so we don’t have to miss any other special days.

Enjoy a few picture of David through the years..

toddler (Medium) David k (Medium) David 3 (Medium) Eagle scout (Medium) graduation_photo (Medium) Mission photo (Medium) Nauvoo March 2010 188 (Medium) Boston May 2010 054 (Medium)


  1. I think Gabe and Madison look just like him!! Happy Birthday David - what a great guy!

  2. Maddisons Twin!!!!!!!!!!!Happy B-day!