Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Madison’s Spring 2010 Dance Recital

Thanks to Richard and Melinda for letting us borrow their Flip Recorder..

Madison was pretty nervous and Katie told her to watch her classmates if she didn’t know what to do so the first dance she did that the whole time even though I know she knew the dance. Nerves, wish we could send them away at times.. But she did wonderfully anyway. She really enjoys dance and I hope we can continue some lessons when we move.

The Jazz dance was really her favorite and the costume was her favorite too. It shows in her performance.

We tried to take some pictures but it’s hard to avoid blurry when their moving and my mom doesn’t know my camera as well as hers I forgot about the sports setting that handles movement. My bad….

Madison Spring Recital 2010 003 (Medium) Madison Spring Recital 2010 010 (Medium) Madison Spring Recital 2010 012 (Medium)

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