Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We had a busy 12th Anniversary and yes I’m behind getting a post done but all the same here it is. We actually celebrated our Anniversary on the 4th of June this year because we had the privilege or attending my brother, Jared and new sister-in-law Sativa’s Reception on the 5th.  We hired a babysitter for the day and we went to the movies and say Prince of Persia. It was a great movie I’d recommend it for all ages that like live action and are past the age of only enjoying animation.  Then we ran some errands with out the kiddos ( that’s always nice for me). When we got home we had a few more errands that needed to be done before the reception so I went and ran those errands. When I returned I found roses that David bought for me on the table with a beautiful card. In order to not embarrass David and show everyone how absolutely sweet he is I’m refraining from telling you what he wrote but it did make me cry and realize once again how lucky I am to have him.  I’m posting a picture of my roses but I didn’t get it when they were at their best so you’ll have to imagine a bit.

SDC10853 (Medium) 

David got a couple games he’s been wanting..

 SDC10854 (Medium)

When we were young….

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