Saturday, May 15, 2010

David in Boston…

So last week I was in Boston, MA for a week for the EMC World convention. It was 4 days of presentations, classes, hands-on workshops, vendor exhibitions, and keynote presentations. It was very interesting and there was a lot to learn and remember. Plus, it was very cool to see Boston again.

Boston May 2010 002 (Medium)

This is a shot of a bridge at the North end of Boston we passed over every day.

Boston May 2010 005 (Medium) 

Here’s the main presentation hall. All of those screens are from projectors and it seated a couple thousand. This is where all the big keynotes were given.

Boston May 2010 013 (Medium) 

Shot one of the vendor exhibition hall. It was very crowded and too many vendors to check them all out.

Boston May 2010 014 (Medium) 

Shot two of the exhibition hall. The semi on the right was for VMware. There were also a couple large touring buses in the room all painted up for different companies.

Boston May 2010 015 (Medium) 

This was the dining hall, where we got breakfast and lunch each day.

Boston May 2010 021 (Medium) 

Fenway Park from one of the suites. We saw the Red Sox play the Toronto Blue Jays (Red Sox won). It was an awesome game and made better by seeing it at Fenway.

Boston May 2010 022 (Medium) 

Another shot of the outfield.

Boston May 2010 030 (Medium) 

Blue Jays up to bat…

Boston May 2010 033 (Medium) 

This is a shot of the front of the convention center. I couldn’t fit the entire building in the shot.

Boston May 2010 034 (Medium) 

Boston city skyline.

Boston May 2010 045 (Medium) 

Salem, MA city center. On Thursday after the last of the classes we drove up to Salem to check out the city. There were a lot of palm readers, incense shops, herbal remedies, and witchcraft supply shops (I couldn’t find Diagon Alley anywhere, though). Someone that lived there told us Salem gets really weird and crazy crowded at Halloween.

Boston May 2010 046 (Medium) 

This was a witch museum we visited. They did a live re-enactment of part of the witch trials. It was pretty cool (and disturbing) to see that real part of history of what happened and where it occurred.

Boston May 2010 054 (Medium) 

Me in front of some bell. Amy said she wouldn’t believe I was actually there unless I was in one of my pictures.

Boston May 2010 055 (Medium) 

Typical assortment of shops found in the city center.

Boston May 2010 056 (Medium)

Another cool looking museum we were 10 minutes late to before they closed, so this is all we saw of it.

All in all it was a great trip, between all the new stuff to learn and apply and to see all the history everywhere you go there.

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