Saturday, April 3, 2010

What are the Odds?

Ok so today after our fun day we decided to order pizza for dinner. The plan was to go to the store pick up some Sunday groceries then order pizza right before we were done and pick it up on the way home. Well we went to order and neither David or I had our phones so we decided to go home and just order delivery. We got home and looked up deals surprisingly enough we found that Papa John’s had a great deal running. (We almost never order from Papa John’s) We ordered and right on time it showed up and this is what happened next.

Papa Johns Delivery 001 (Medium) Papa Johns Delivery 002 (Medium) Papa Johns Delivery 003 (Medium)

Yep, some old people rear ended the delivery girl and called in the Calvary. We couldn't hardly drag the kids away from the window. The neighbors decided to take a leisurely stroll through their yard and yes now I’m blogging about it. We must be in need of some excitement in our lives. I don’t believe anyone was hurt and the cars weren't even visible damaged from the window. But David and I thought what were the odds that our plan changed so much that this is what the effect was.  Just something to think about.

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