Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Bedroom…

So Monday my brother helped me move furniture out of my room then Monday night I Primed over the red paint.  Tuesday I painted the ceiling and all the molding. Then I painted the back wall the dark caramel. Tuesday night I started painting the cream and found out that it required a second coat to cover the grey primer. So at about midnight I put on the second coat to the large wall. Wednesday morning I finished the second coat and touch ups. Then thanks to a friends husband got the bed back in the room and got the whole room back together.

Then Katie and I started tearing apart the front room so we can paint tomorrow. Then guess what we found a leak in the roof. Yeah!! One more thing to deal with.  I’ll post more pics when the rest of the house is done and put back together.

Bedroom 006 (Medium) Bedroom 007 (Medium) Bedroom 008 (Medium)

Katie took a little video of the leak. She was quite impressed with it.

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