Friday, March 12, 2010

A Prayer in My Heart for a Wonderful Family..

A couple that I went to High School with has recently discovered that their little girl Gracie (3 Years old) has cancer. Lisa (Gracie's mom) has asked if people could post her Daughters Blog address on their pages so that others may visit it and feel free to make donations to her care. If anything I know that they appreciate any prayers said in their behalf. I know I've been thinking of them daily and continuing to keep their family in my prayers and thoughts. Here is her Blog address...

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  1. Amy, I went to Gracie's blog and I cried all the way through reading it. They have some long hospital stays ahead of them and trying to split time between the kids and home and Gracie, I understand how that feels. I hope they keep there spirits up. They will be added to my prayers.