Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Gabriel had his 1yr appointment the other day. He is 22 pounds and 27 inches tall. 10% in his height and 45% in his weight. Funny he's so much smaller than Isaac was. Madison and Isaac were always in the 20% in Height (we're short) but they were also in the 95% to 105% in their weight. Katie was always 50% all the way across... and Jenna Boo was always 10% in Height and 10% in Weight, she probably still is.

Anyway Gabe has also found a new thing to do with his time that he really enjoys. Watch Lightening McQueen in Cars. He loves to play with cars and now watch them too.

Of Course he’s surrounded by pink and princesses, because he’s in Jenna’s room.  He also loves getting his picture taken.

Gabe and Cars 001 (Medium) Gabe and Cars 002 (Medium)

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  1. I bet Gabe will say his favorite color is pink!! It's good for them, builds character...and I will admit that my boys know who Hannah Montana is (and will willingly watch her) and Tinkerbell, and Barbies and American Girl...this list goes on. They have a few years until they stop admitting that they like them!!