Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boy’s got big boy Haircuts…

Isaac was due for a haircut and Gabe was too according to his dad.  I’m very sad about the loss of all his curls. He looks like a big boy now. I really was close to tears, how pathetic is that. He looks so much more grown up now. I went to pick him up when he was crying after his nap and I almost broke down in tears right along with him. I told David that I hated Gabe's new haircut. I’m getting used to it but also hoping some of his curls grow back and we haven’t lost them entirely. Isaac on the other hand is my big boy and looks great.

Boys Haircuts 004 (Large) Boys Haircuts 005 (Large) Boys Haircuts 007 (Large) Boys Haircuts 010 (Large) Boys Haircuts 014 (Large)


  1. Oh my gosh....that last picture is so cute! He has grown up so much. I bet it is hard to let it go though. :( How come I never see you any more? I miss talking to you!

  2. I did't know a haircut could affect you so much? It's because he's your last's bittersweet.

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