Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our last week in a Nutshell…

Well you all know what the last update on the house was if you read that post. So here is the newest information. To put it simply we decided to let that house go. We are going to stick it out here in Pocatello until our house sells. David will rent on Base with a friend and that will be a lot less commuting. No more 3 hours on the road everyday. If our house doesn’t sell by the end of the school year then we will probably move and rent in Utah until it does sell. We really do not want to get into having double house payments. So last weekend was all about figuring out what to do with the house and where David will be living. We were all sick last weekend and with the stress of the house stuff it was not a great weekend. We were grateful for our Christmas party with Richard and Melinda to remember our family and our blessings.

Just when you think you’ve got life figured out a little then Heavenly Father throws you a curve ball. This morning on David’s commute to work he was on the Hwy and it was foggy and he doesn’t have the greatest lights anyway. He found himself coming over a small hill and there low and behold was a big black cow and yes he hit it head on. (He is fine.. Not a scratch on him) but the car is totaled. The tow truck driver said he’s never seen anyone walk away from that uninjured. David has a headache and I’m sure tomorrow he’ll be very sore but overall he came out completely safe.  By the time we got all the insurance information and a ride for David to work and the tow truck guy squared away I had to get on my knees and thank my Heavenly Father for all the seen and unseen blessings he’s given us. We are truly blessed and I’m very grateful..

Merry Christmas to all and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year…


  1. I'm sorry your not getting the house you wanted. But I'm glad we get to keep you for a little longer. I'm glad David is ok! How awful!

  2. What an experience. It can be so easy to focus on the negative...'why me' sort of attitude. You're handling it great...good things will come your way.
    Merry Christmas!