Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Must have a Christmas Tree…

I know I’m a glutton for punishment but I just don’t feel like Christmas is coming unless there is a tree up in my house. I’m going to have to take it down in two weeks move then put it back up. So we kept it simple and only put on a few ornaments and put up our small tree not the big beautiful one. So now there is a little Christmas in the Saville home. We missed David putting it up though.  I’m sure he’ll be excited to help us put up another one at the new house.

Isaac  got a new Batman Ornament..Tree in Pocatello 2009 001 (Medium) Tree in Pocatello 2009 002 (Medium)
Jenna got a new Ariel Ornament..Tree in Pocatello 2009 003 (Medium) Tree in Pocatello 2009 004 (Medium)

Madison got a new Tinkerbell Ornament..Tree in Pocatello 2009 005 (Medium) Tree in Pocatello 2009 006 (Medium) Tree in Pocatello 2009 010 (Medium)

Isaac ate his first Candy Cane of the year while the girls added some Shatter-Proof balls.Tree in Pocatello 2009 012 (Medium)

Katie doesn’t have her new Ornament yet so she put the star on the top..
Tree in Pocatello 2009 014 (Medium)

The final product without Gabe he was napping.. I’ll get some pictures of Gabe with the tree as soon as he get’s into it, I’m guessing that won’t take too long.
Tree in Pocatello 2009 017 (Medium)

Merry Christmas To All!!!


  1. I love it! Everyone needs a little Christmas in there homes!

  2. Nothin' like the excitement the children have when decorating the tree~they get to do it twice!