Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Massive Girl Party… and a brief moving update…

Ok yesterday as most of you know we had a going away/ double birthday party for the girls. I wanted to get it all done and over with so that I didn’t have to worry about play dates this week and next week while we are packing and trying to get ready to move.

The update on the move is this. We are still waiting to hear from Rural Housing. They have to approve our loan above and beyond the bank. We are trying to get a 100% loan and Rural Housing has some specifications that they want to be met before approving the loan. For instance they do not give approval to people who own more than one home. So we are trying to get special permission for the loan because we are not planning on keeping our home in Idaho, but it hasn’t sold yet. Anyway that’s what going on. Rural Housing approval is a 5 day process so on Monday they should’ve had 5 days. We’re hoping to hear something tomorrow, and no later than Tuesday.  We’ll keep you updated.

Now back to yesterdays party…  We started a noon and Jenna had 4 friends over one 5 year old and 3 6 year olds. Madison had 5 friends over and they were all 7 or 8 years old, Katie had 6 friends over that were all 9 or 10. So we ended up with 18 girls in total counting my 3. David was a sweetheart and stayed home to help. I thought I could handle them on my own boy I was wrong. I also had a good friend and mom of a couple of the girls stay and help with feeding everyone and keeping the activities organized. Thanks Jenn.. When they arrived we fed them all Pizza as they got here then as they finished eating they went and make a foam bookmark then on to a foam necklace and then they played a candy game called Don’t Eat Pete. When we were done with that it had only been an hour and I had thought it would’ve taken at least 2 hours to get that much done. So I sent them all downstairs to play some Rockband. When everyone had finished their activities upstairs then we all went down and opened gifts. Katie and Madison got lots of fun things and even Jenna got a gift. We then had cake  and played some more Rockband and Snorta. When we had 2 hours left we put on UP and almost all of the girls sat down to watch it. A few

had seen it a lot already and ended up in Madison’s room for make-overs and in Katie’s room playing Apples to Apples. At 4pm all their parents came and got them and we had a relaxing night.

Today we all woke up exhausted and feeling a little under the weather so we missed church and have had lots of naps and Tylenol today. If anyone from the party reads this I’m so sorry we called our doc and it sounds like a few of us have Strep Throat. We were totally unaware of this yesterday so I hope all your kids stay healthy and if they don’t I’m really really sorry.

Here are some pictures of our fun day..


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