Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Madison’s Baptism Dress

Madison will be Baptized on the 2nd of January. We got her dress for her Birthday and decided to do some early pictures.

Madison Baptism Dress 002 (Medium) Madison Baptism Dress 004 (Medium) Madison Baptism Dress 006 (Medium) Madison Baptism Dress 011 (Medium) Madison Baptism Dress 016 (Medium) Madison Baptism Dress 019 (Medium) Madison Baptism Dress 023 (Medium)


  1. Oh my, how they have all grown up over the last year! I didn't realize you cut her hair so much~she always has such pretty hair! The big '8'~so sad we'll miss it, so post pictures!

  2. Such a beautiful baptism dress!! Do you remember where you got it at? I've been looking for a dress for my daughter and recently found some on but I wanted to make sure I found the right one for her!

    1. Amy,

      Thank you for the compliment. I'm sorry to say that the place we got her dress is no longer in business but the brand is called SHANIL. Hopefully a Google search would help you to find something you love. Good Luck!

    2. This dress is similar and made by the same company