Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a great and busy Halloween weekend. On Friday the kids had their class parties and Katie did a little skit for her class that her and her friend Mercedes made up.

Halloween '09 001 (Medium)
Halloween '09 005 (Medium) 

Then on Saturday, Me my mom my sister-in-law Stacy, Katie, Gabe, Isaac and Clayton made a quick trip to Grantsville to look at the house that David and I put an offer on. Yes we found a house we like and gave them an offer we’re still waiting to hear back from them with a counter offer hopefully that will be coming towards the beginning of this week sometime .

After we got home on Saturday night we made mad dash downtown Lava Hot Springs to get in some Trick or Treating and go to the Elementary Schools Annual Halloween Carnival.

Halloween '09 041 (Medium)
Halloween '09 042 (Medium)
Halloween '09 043 (Medium)
Halloween '09 044 (Medium)
Halloween '09 045 (Medium)
Halloween '09 046 (Medium)

The kids had a lot of fun. After the Carnival Grandma and Aunt Stacy took all the little kids home and me and Uncle Ben took Katie and Madison for some extra Trick or Treating. Madison said is was the best Halloween ever. No Trunk or Treating this year. As you see we had A Vampire bride (Katie), Batman (Isaac), Two Witches (Madison and Jenna) a Teddy Bear (Gabe) a Pumpkin (Justin) and an Elephant (Clayton). It was quit the entourage.

On Sunday we skipped church in Lava too sleep in a little and have one of Grandma Egley’s great Sunday Breakfasts. Then in the afternoon we went for a ride in the mountains with Uncle Chet and Grandpa. We had fun. We tried to go up the front side of Baldy but it got too slimy with the snow and the mud. Grandpa had Katie scared pretty good when the front end of the Jeep started sliding off the road. We got out to help her feel safe while Chet and Ben helped get it back straight on the road. Then we took a logging road up the face of Baldy as far as it went and took a picture up there of the kids. It was a fun day away in the mountains and one of my favorite past times. Gabe loved the bumpy roads the bumpier it was the more relaxed he was, when things were slow and smooth he fussed and couldn’t hold still. He truly must have some Egley blood in him.

Mountain Drive 11-1-09 (1) (Medium)
Mountain Drive 11-1-09 (2) (Medium)
Mountain Drive 11-1-09 (3) (Medium)
Mountain Drive 11-1-09 (7) (Medium)


  1. Looks a wee bit chilly in those last pictures! Glad you had a great Halloween~you crammed that holiday full...good luck on your house!

  2. The s'more dessert squares were fine. Michael didn't want the marshmallows on top, the only ate the marshmallows on top. They would have preferred the real s'mores, but it was worth a try!