Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Ribbon Week a week early…

The girls are so excited for Red Ribbon Week because of the silly things they get to do each day of the week. So Katie said it started this week and Today was crazy hair day.

Madison’s has pink stuff in it, Katie’s is blue and Jenna’s has purple in it. It’s hard to see in the light of the kitchen.

crazy kids 005 (Medium) 
(Jenna is just trying to copy her sisters and really doesn’t have a clue what the fingers are all about)

Anyway this is how I sent my kids to school today. Right before they left Katie gave me her newsletter that she should’ve given me last Friday well I sat down and started reading after they were gone and guess what. Red Ribbon Week is not until Next week. So my children are at school looking crazy and they are a week ahead of schedule. I called the school and the secretary said she saw them and she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to burst their bubble. I guess we’ll just do it again next week.

Madison said I was the coolest mom, we’ll see how cool I am when she comes home and the Savilles were the only ones with crazy hair today.

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  1. Funny, funny. Update us on what the teachers said and how the girls felt after that day!