Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little update…

Last Friday we took the kids down to Tooele so that they could see where we were moving to. We looked at neighborhoods and areas we might want to live all day then we spent the night with cousins. The kids had lots of fun with the new cousins. I say new because that’s what they felt like to the kids cuz we don’t see them very often. Then on Saturday we spent the day at This is the Place Heritage Park it was lots of fun and kind of a test to see how the kids will do in Nauvoo when we’re able to go. They did great and had a lot of fun. It was a special event day that day at the park, we were able to see an Aztec dance before we left I’ll get the video uploaded ASAP. This kids got pony rides and train rides and made several crafts and got to see in some very old buildings. We didn’t get to everything so I’m sure we’ll have to go again. Enjoy the Pics…


  1. Looks like fun place. And it also looks a bit cold!

  2. How fun! We need to take our boys there!